"CFA and CAP: Making a difference through Partnerships"

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The Caldwell Freshman Academy was thrilled to be part of the P-16 program through the involvement in CAP (College Aspirations Project).  Since its conception, Mrs. Hensman, CFA Science teacher and CAP advisor, has met daily with a selective group of students who comprise the Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP Club.  Mrs. Hensman leads her CAP students to learn about themselves, their own goals and aspirations in life and also how to realize those goals and aspirations.

Last week, the Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP club got a unique opportunity. The fifteen CAP students got to meet with the Leadership Group of Caldwell to sit one-on-one with an adult to interview one individual about their high school experiences, what their profession is and how they were able to become who they are today.  The Leadership Group of Caldwell meets monthly to discuss a specific topic. This month the Leadership Group’s focus is education.  The group has met with the P-16 director Al Obayuwana and Al worked with Mrs. Hensman to allow CAP and the leadership group to come together.  The Caldwell Freshman Academy students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and had many “take-aways” from the experience.  Mrs. Hensman stated that “the most impressive take away for me was that every single student was highly engaged. This was an enjoyable experience for the students to just talk with an adult… I was so proud of them [CAP students], for taking a risk and trying something new. This was fun for them and yet very meaningful. I know this will be a memory for them to look back on.”

The Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP club is looking forward to further work with the Caldwell Leadership Group, college tours, a tour of the Mountain Home Air Force Base and working on their own career/college path.

Parent Teacher Conferences, Wednesday Feb. 13, 2013

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Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 3:30-7:30pm because we have Parent Teacher Conferences. 

See you there! 

CFA Parent Newsletter February

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CFA Students Succeed during the 2nd Block

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The Caldwell Freshman Academy ended the 2nd Block of study on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Caldwell Freshman Academy students, faculty and staff worked together to realize much success.  CFA students had a passing rate of over 93% for the 2nd Block!  Even more success was evident at the 2nd Block Awards Assembly where 89 awards were received by CFA students. 


Congratulations CFA! 


Honor Roll 3.5 – 4.0

Barnhart, Theodore J. ¡ Corral, Joshua ¡ Frink, Chrystal ¡ Garcia-Gutierrez, Margarita ¡ Gilpin, Austyn M. ¡ Mendoza, Natalie S. ¡ Miller, Ryan V. ¡ Padilla, Julissa M. ¡ Palomo, Mattaea M. ¡ Robinson, Angel ¡ White, Carma J.


Honorable Mention 3.33 – 3.0

Alvarez, Flor E.¡ Ayala, Cruz ¡ Calvillo, Lorena ¡ Davis, Natasha A. ¡ Exon, Brandon R. ¡ Gahley, Devin S. ¡ Garcia, Jesus ¡ Gunn, Kevin S. ¡ Hernandes, Carmen ¡ Hernandez, Georgina ¡ Hernandez, Jose R. ¡ Jerome, Brandon J. ¡ Lohr, Isaac D. ¡

Maya Elijio, Yaquelia ¡ Ortiz, Anna G. ¡ Oxner, Jonas ‘Brice’ ¡ Phillips, Jacob C. ¡

Ramirez Solis, Jose A. ¡ Villa, Lizveted V. ¡ Westing, Jada M.


Perfect Attendance

Belless, Jarred M. ¡ Carreno, Adam ¡ Corral, Joshua ¡ Garcia, Jesus ¡ Hernandes, Georgina ¡ Miller, Ryan V. ¡ Oxner, Jonas ‘Brice’ ¡ Ramirez Solis, Jose A.


Science Academic Award

Barnhart, Theodore ¡ Frink, Chrystal ¡ Miller, Ryan ¡White, Carma


Excellence in Humanities Award

Cervantes Reyes, Zulema ¡ Miller, Ryan ¡ White, Carma


Most Improved in Humanities Award

Garcia, Jesus ¡ Gunn, Kevin


English Essentials Award

Gilpin, Austyn – Great Work Ethic

Hernandez, Georgina – Most Improved

Mendoza, Natalie – Top Scoring

Robinson, Angel – Most Improved

Westing, Jada – Great Work Ethic


ELL Award

Garcia-Gutierrez, Margarita – Outstanding Effort

Garibay, Guillermo – Most Improved


Mathematics Academic Award

Davis, Natasha

Flores IV, Jose - Most Determined Mathematician

Frink, Chrystal

Hernandez, Georgina – Biggest Attitude Change

Mendoza, Natalie

Nieto, Ben

Ortiz, Anna

Valdez, Armando – Most Determined Mathematician

Westing, Jada - Most Determined Mathematician


Business Student Award

Davis, Natasha – Hardest Working Business Student

Rivera, Enrique – Hardest Working Business Student

Esparza, Evelyn – Outstanding Business Student

Lopez Torres, Viridiana – Outstanding Business Student


Outstanding Artist Award

Alvarez, Flor ¡ Carreno, Adam ¡ Exon, Brandon ¡ Farnworth, Logan ¡ Frink, Chrystal ¡ Gilpin, Austyn ¡ Hernandez, Jose ¡ Jerome, Brandon ¡ Miller, Ryan ¡ Oxner, Jonas ‘Brice’ ¡ Robinson, Angel ¡ White, Carma


Most Improved Artist Award

Barnhart, Theodore ¡ Cervantes Reyes, Zulema ¡ Phillips, Jacob


Office Aide Award

Calvillo, Lorena ¡ Hernandes, Carmen ¡ Tamayo, Martha ¡ Westing, Jada


Health Award

Gilpin, Austyn ¡ Mendoza, Natalie

Parent Letter Sent Regarding a Calendar Change

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Dear Parent/Guardian,                                                                        January 11, 2013


Happy New Year!    This week teachers have been working to finalize their classes for the 2nd Block and students have been taking final exams.  However, due to the school closure on Thursday, Jan 10, 2013, teachers and students need some more time to complete all requirements for the 2nd Block completion.  Therefore, we need to change the school calendar.  School on Monday, January 14, 2013 will be an early release and the last day of the 2nd Block.  The 3rd Block will begin on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. 


There are a number of things that I would like to know about:

January 11

Early Release.  Dismissal at 12:00pm.

January 14

Early Release.   Dismissal at 12:00pm.

End of the 2nd Block

January 15

Beginning of the 3rd Block

January 18

2nd Block Awards Assembly at 1:45pm.  

January 21

No School.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Please contact the Caldwell Freshman Academy, (208) 649-1123 if you have any questions or concerns. 



Jacob D. Skousen

Principal, Caldwell Freshman Academy



Estimados Padres/Guardianes,                                                          el 11 de enero 2013


¡Feliz año nuevo! Esta semana los maestros ha trabajado para finalizar su clases del 2º semestre y los estudiantes han estado tomando examines. Sin embargo, por el cerramiento de la escuela el jueves el 10 de enero 2013, los maestros y estudiantes necesitan mas tiempo para terminar los requisitos del 2º semestre. Por lo tanto, necesitamos cambiar el calendario de la escuela. El lunes, el 14 de enero 2014 los estudiantes se saldrán temprano de la escuela y este día también será el ultimo día del 2º semestre.  El 3º semestre empezará el martes el 15 de enero 2013.    


El 11 de enero

Salen temprano, a las 12:00

El 14 de enero

Salen temprano, a las 12:00. 

Termina el 2º semestre

El 15 de enero

Empieza el 3º semestre

El 18 de enero

Asamblea de premios del 2º semestre a las 1:45.

El 21 de enero

No hay clases.  El día de Martin Luther King Jr.  

Hay unas cosas que me gustaría que sepan:


Por favor contacten a la Caldwell Freshman Academy, (208) 649-1123 si tienen preguntas o dudas.



Jacob D. Skousen

Director, Caldwell Freshman Academy

CFA December Parent and Guardian Letter

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Dear Parent/Guardian,                                                                        Dec. 20, 2012


It is really hard to believe that it is December!    While we, the staff, teachers, and I are continuing to work very hard to provide all students a successful and academically rigorous experience at the Caldwell Freshman Academy, it is your continued help and support of the Caldwell Freshman Academy that makes our school even better!


There are a number of things that I would like to know about:

December 21

Early Release-12:00pm. 

December 24-January 4

Christmas Holiday- No School  

January 7

First day of school of the NEW YEAR! (7:30am)

January 11

Early Release.  End of the 2nd Block

January 14

Beginning of the 3rd Block

Please contact the Caldwell Freshman Academy, (208) 649-1123 if you have any questions or concerns. 


Happy Holidays,

Jacob D. Skousen

Principal, Caldwell Freshman Academy



Estimados Padres/Guardianes,                                                          el 20 de diciembre 2012


¡Es difícil creer que ya es diciembre! Mientras nosotros, los maestros y yo estamos trabajando mucho para proveer todos los estudiantes una experiencia tanta exitosa como académicamente riguroso en la Caldwell Freshman Academy, es su ayuda y apoyo de la Caldwell Freshman Academy que se mejora la escuela aún más.  


El 21 de diciembre

Salen temprano-12:00 de la tarde.

El 24 de diciembre al 4 de enero

Vacaciones de la Navidad- No hay clases 

El 7 de enero

El primer día de la escuela del año nuevo

El 11 de enero

Salen temprano. Termina el 2º semestre

El 14 de enero

Empieza el 3º semestre

Hay unas cosas que me gustaría que sepan:


Por favor contacten a la Caldwell Freshman Academy, (208) 649-1123 si tienen preguntas o dudas.


Feliz Navidad,

Jacob D. Skousen

Director, Caldwell Freshman Academy

Superintendent Rosandick's Message to Caldwell Parents and Guardians

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Dear parent/guardian:

You may be aware of rumors circulating in many valley schools
regarding possible incidents at schools occurring tomorrow, the
last day in the Mayan calendar.

Be assured that these rumors are unsubstantiated and have been
determined as such with the assistance of law enforcement.

Therefore, school tomorrow will proceed as scheduled.

If for any reason your child is not in attendance tomorrow, please
contact the school and excuse their absence.

Thank you

Informational Letter from the Superintendent

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Please see the attached document.  This information can also be seen on the Caldwell School District website.

Special Parent Meeting and Dinner at CFA

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There will be a special parent meeting, with dinner, on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 from 6:00-7:30pm. 

Please call CFA with your questions- 649-1123.

This Thursday... Parent Teacher Conferences

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The 2nd Block Caldwell Freshman Academy parent teacher conferences will be held at CFA from 3:30-7:30pm.  Parents are encouraged to bring their CFA student to conferences with them. 

Do you need an appointment?
No. Conferences are "arena-style" and will be held in the lunch room.  Arena-style means that parents show up and meet with their child's teachers when they arrive.  No need for an appointment. 

What if I can't attend on Thursday, but I would like to meet with my child's teachers? 

Please call CFA and we will most likely be able to arrange a meeting time that will work with your schedule.  649-1123.

What if I only want to see my child's grades? 
Progress reports will be printed Thursday at 3:00pm.  If you would like to stop by CFA to pick up the progress report and not stay for conferences that is fine.  Also, progress reports will be sent home with students on Friday.  If seeing your child's grades often is important to you, please call and ask us how you can check your child's grades online 24/7.  649-1123.

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