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"CFA and CAP: Making a difference through Partnerships"

posted Mar 5, 2013, 8:30 AM by

The Caldwell Freshman Academy was thrilled to be part of the P-16 program through the involvement in CAP (College Aspirations Project).  Since its conception, Mrs. Hensman, CFA Science teacher and CAP advisor, has met daily with a selective group of students who comprise the Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP Club.  Mrs. Hensman leads her CAP students to learn about themselves, their own goals and aspirations in life and also how to realize those goals and aspirations.

Last week, the Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP club got a unique opportunity. The fifteen CAP students got to meet with the Leadership Group of Caldwell to sit one-on-one with an adult to interview one individual about their high school experiences, what their profession is and how they were able to become who they are today.  The Leadership Group of Caldwell meets monthly to discuss a specific topic. This month the Leadership Group’s focus is education.  The group has met with the P-16 director Al Obayuwana and Al worked with Mrs. Hensman to allow CAP and the leadership group to come together.  The Caldwell Freshman Academy students thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and had many “take-aways” from the experience.  Mrs. Hensman stated that “the most impressive take away for me was that every single student was highly engaged. This was an enjoyable experience for the students to just talk with an adult… I was so proud of them [CAP students], for taking a risk and trying something new. This was fun for them and yet very meaningful. I know this will be a memory for them to look back on.”

The Caldwell Freshman Academy CAP club is looking forward to further work with the Caldwell Leadership Group, college tours, a tour of the Mountain Home Air Force Base and working on their own career/college path.